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Biography of Shi Zhong Gui
SHI ZHONG GUI, painter, philosopher and poet, was born in 1954 in Chengdu in the Sichuan province of China.
He is a Professor at the College of Arts of Sichuan University.

At his early age of 16, he became a professional painter in the Chinese Air Force and in 1973 held his first solo exhibition at Hangzhou, China, followed by exhibitions in Nanjing and Beijing within the next two years.

In 1978, he systematically researched and studied the artistry of tradition Chinese painting under the guidance of Professor Bi Jin Ji , Professor He Fang Hua and Mr Deng Huan Zhang of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts.

In 1987 published the following:

"Poems, Calligraphy and Painting",
"How to paint Fish, Shrimps and Crabs",
"How to Paint Squirrels, Cats and Lesser Pandas",
"Elementary Course of Tradional Chinese painting for Children",
"A B C Knowledge of Traditional Chinese Painting for Infants".

During the 1990s, he became highly acclaimed as an artist in the Far East. His biography has been included in Who's Who Of The Contemporary Artists. In 1992, the Sichuan Museum accorded him the rare honor of being one of its officially nominated artists.

In 1995, he won the Special Gold Award at the 1995 International Chinese Painter's Painting Competition and was invited by the Congress of Japan for an exhibition of paintings at Ginza Art Gallery in Tokyo, where he was received by Mr Kawano Yohei, Vice Prime Minister.

In 1998 he was appointed the Professor at the College of Arts of Sichuan University. In the same year he was invited by Tiandu Art Gallery to hold a solo art exhibition in Singapore and the art-book "Paintings of Shi Zhong Gui" was published.

In 1999, Shi Zhong Gui had his first European Exhibitions in Paris and Geneva.

In May 2000, he was awarded the title of Academician of The Academy of Arts-Sciences-Lettres of France and, won the "2000 Grande Medaille de Vermeil". This was the first time that the Academy has awarded the title to an artist with China Citizenship since it was founded in 1915.

2001, Shi Zhong Gui held art exhibitions at Galeria Eude, Barcelona, Spain & Bloxham Galleries, London, UK.

2002, held art exhibitions at Galerie De Tourgeville, France & Tecis Gallery, Hamburg, Germany.

2003, an art-book "Selected Works Of Shi Zhong Gui" was published by Sichuan People Publishing House in Chinese, English and French. The Paris mayor wrote a letter personally to Mr Shi in his appreciation upon reading this art-book. In the same year, a set of Stamp for Shi Zhong Gui was issued by China Postal Bureau.. This set of stamp is a limited edition. It has 16 pieces price at 80 cents each and every stamp has a photo of Shi Zhong Gui.

2004, invited by Tiandu Art Gallery to hold the 2nd solo art exhibition in Singapore.

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