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    TianDuArt | Shi Zheng Xue 史正学
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Shi Zheng Xue 史正学
Shi Zheng Xue was born in 1933 in Henan Province of China. He entered the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art in 1956 for
his intensive study of Chinese Brush Painting.

In 1989, Shi Zheng Xue was invited to held an solo art exhibition in Yini Geda in Japan. Mr Zuo Ye Teng, the president of
the Sino-Japanese friendship association, congratulated him by writing articles in the local newspaper in Japan. Mr Da
Qiao Guang Zhi the Japanese famous painter, expressed his feeling, "After watching Mr Shi's paintings, a whiff of
fresh and sweet air, I felt, came in from outside. It's very fresh. He has a magical painting brush."

Shi Zheng Xue is presently a member of the Artists Association of China, the Council Member of the National Artists
Association of China, Henan Branch, Vice President of the Henan's Research Institute of Chinese Figure Painting,
Adviser to the Zhengzhou Art College and, the Representative of the National Art Education and Research Institute.

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These Chinese Brush Ink Paintings were done on rice paper, flat-mounted and ready for framing.
Click on a picture to enlarge & view the details.

A Belle In Snow<small><br>100x60cm A Belle In Snow

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Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva<br>93x65cm Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva

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Drawing Dragon<small><br>135x68cm Drawing Dragon

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Longevity 2 <small><br>92x62cm Longevity 2

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Peony, Birds <small><br>68x136cm Peony, Birds

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Winter<small><br>135x68cm Winter

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Ghost booster 2<small><br>124x66cm Ghost booster 2

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Peony Birds<small><br>120x60cm Peony Birds

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Ji Gong<small><br>135x68cm Ji Gong

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