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    TianDuArt | Training Horses by Cao Xiao Qin 驯 马 图

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Training Horses by Cao Xiao Qin 驯 马 图
Training Horses by Cao Xiao Qin 驯 马 图

Artist : Cao Xiao Qin 曹 小 钦               Dimension : 68x68cm
This painting was done on rice paper. It has been flat-mounted and ready for framing.

Artist : Cao Xiao Qin was born in Sichuan province, China in 1948. He graduated from the Fine Arts Department of the Sichuan Education Institute. He is a member of the Sichuan Artists Association and also a member of the Sichuan Calligraphist Association. He works as a teacher of the fine arts in Chengdu First Middle School of the Second Railway Engineer Bureau.

Mr Cao is especially expert in Chinese brush figure paintings. His paintings have been shown at the fine arts exhibitions held both in China and abroad for many times and won awards as well. In 1993, he gained the Second Prize Awards at The First Asia and the Pacific Competition of Chinese Ink Paintings. He held four solo exhibitions of paintings in Hong Kong. His paintings have been shown in USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and Countries in Southeast Asia. His works are deeply loved by the collectors of paintings. In recent years, with the combination of western aesthetic concepts and traditional Chinese Brush strokes of meticulous details, he has developed and created his own, unique and distinctive style.

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