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    TianDuArt | Oil Painting -- Artist : Lin Ming Chen 林 明 琛
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Oil Painting -- Artist : Lin Ming Chen 林 明 琛
Artist Lin Ming Chen, formerly named Lin Ming De. Chinese oil painter, expert in colors. A professor of Guangzhou
Academy of Fine Arts. He was born in Wen Chang County, Hainan Province, China in 1941.

He loved art from childhood and paid respects to some masters. He graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts,
majoring in oil. After graduation, he has devoted himself to the oil and colors research. His works were often shown in
the provincial and the national exhibitions, some of which were shown abroad for several times.

His article "Developing Chinese Oils" was compiled in the China Library. His oils, full of passion, have been selected to "Contemporary Chinese Art Works Collection", "Contemporary Painting Art", "The Chinese Art Collection", "Chinese
Artists' Collection" etc and collected by some art galleries, museums at home and in USA, Germany, Denmark,
Singapore Hong Kong, Taiwan etc.

He is the first one to teach the course --- chromatics applied to art. His book "Chromatics Applied to Art" is called a small encyclopaedia. In addition, "Lin Ming-chen's Oil Works", "Lin Ming-chen's Oil Collection" and "Lin Ming-chen's Oils" have
been published. His name has been listed to "Contemporary Chinese Artists' Dictionary", "Contemporary Chinese Who's
Who" and "The world's Who's Who".

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These Oil Paintings were done on canvas.
Click on a picture to enlarge & view the details.

The Lake<small><br>65x80cm The Lake

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A Stream In My Hometown<br>60x91cm A Stream In My Hometown

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The village<br><small>60x85cm The village

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Autumn of the village<small><br>60x91cm Autumn of the village

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Flowers<small><br>61x50cm Flowers

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Roses<small><br>50x60cm Roses

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